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Hollywood's Times...

Blogs, Banter, Bull....and Bike News!

We can see everything from our Command center, conveniently disguised as Hollywood's Cycles.   And we'll be writing about it and showing you pictures every chance we get.  From the busselling metropolis of McAdenville, to the mountains and the shores, we've got more in store! 

So if you could, we wish you would cause Hollywood's Got the Goods!

Summer Rides Off Into the Sunset...

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All summer long we gathered, now that fall comes let's not get too scattered.  We made good times each Saturday together and got blessed wtih some smokin' good weather.  Always got a smile, in true Hollywood style, enjoyed every mile, makes living worthwhile.  In all the things this year has changed, friendship will always remain.  Don't forget when fall turns to winter chill, the lights are on at
Hollywood's Cycles of McAdenville

A big thank you from RaY'coustic & Hollywood. 
Here's a
movie for your viewing pleasure!

Hollywood's Hangout...

Jay on his Hot Rod!
Always stopping in, swingin' through, or riding by.  Checkin' it out, seein' what's happenin', or just saying Hi. Good Friends, Good Food, Good Times.  Always in season, they are the reason for my rhyme.  At journey's beginning, and at rides end.  Quench your thirst, and your hunger, say Hello to a Friend.

It's where we all go, to Eat, Drink and Enjoy!  And you just might see Hollywood Up at

Here are a couple of 
pictures snapped
of the times Hollywood swings by!

~ RaY'coustic




Pre-Indepedence Day Fireworks at The SandTrap...

RaYcousic playing at The SandTrapIndependence Day Eve, surrounded by friends.  Hollywood & RaY'coustic at The SandTrap again! 

The good times were already flyin' when at least 20 rode in, just with Ryan!

Miniwood ran wild, while sweet Teresa and Mary child, fought off hugs just to get in the fence! 

Sweet weather, the special of the day! 

The perfect kind of day to play, ride long and stay out late! 

Make you wish Summer would not go away!

~ RaY'coustic

Click the links to see the pictures and video taken at the event! 

Hollywood Hits a Home Run out  of The Sandtrap...

RaYcoustic & Miniwood at The Sandtrap

In big league style, Hollywood and friends kicked off this summer's inaugural Hollywood's Cycles Saturday Night Bike Nite!  With RaY'coustic kicking the tunes outside on the big back patio of The Sandtrap Bar & Billiards in Charlotte, NC.  The weather was sweet and so were the bikes.  The first one of many more to come, and it was cranked up right with Family & Friends, Music & Good Times! 

A lot of heavy hearts painted some truely brave faces on and came out to show support, share some strength, and enjoy some peace. 
We all said goodbye to a good friend and a good man, Johnny C.  Forever Will Be Missed!!! 

Click for pics

17th Annual Independent Benefit Run for Lars Johnson...

17th Annual Indepedent Benefit Run for Lars JohnsonHangin' at Hollywood's Shop!
Independent Benefit Run Stop.
For Lars Johnson We Ride,
Together We Stand By His Side.
Rain or Shine, We Did Not Let His Torch Drop!

Rolling As One, While Rumbling We Pause,
To Do The Right Thing for The Right Cause!
For Reaching Out To A Brother
And Help Him To Recover
Each Rider and Sponsor, Deserve A Round of Applause!

Without Each Other, We All Stand Alone.
Our Roaring Pipes Can Set The Right Tone!
The Ride Never Ends
When It Can Benefit A Friend!
We Shine Light Where It Needs To Be Shone!

                                                       ~ RaY'coustic

Check out the pictures taken at Hollywood's Shop!

Spring Fever Sunday Run...

Spring Fever Run for the Border

FishHeads and Friends were out in force on Sunday [2/21/2010], and everybody was itchin' to ride. Tons of great people turned out, with even more tonnage of beautiful steel, chrome, and paint. All varieties, all day. That goes for the folks, as well as some of the sweetest scooters we'd seen in a long while. Seems like everybody crawled out of a long hibernation, at least for a day, like a bunch of really loud, leather-clad ground-hogs checking to see if spring had come. Wow! it sure felt like it, Carolina Blue sky and 60 degrees go a long way after the kind of winter we've been having?!
After blowing out of Mckoy's around 1:15pm, well over a hundred bikes, we made a run for the border. South Carolina rolling hills and farmland never looked so good to us. A quick drop at the Bucket Stop, and then we're gettin' it back down the road to Big Daddy's where we fraterinized with the finest kind. Cold refreshments and warm vibe all around. then mount up, fire it up and get on down. The road stopped next at the Kickstand, after flying through farmland, and passing the dam. Cruising and Laughing, we arrived next, to Lake Waterees' edge, the Flamingo and River Deck. The Mac Daddy cheeseburger the catch of the day, Laugh and enjoyed more Like Big kids at play. Then little by little we all started home, not all together, but rarely alone. I think we were all thinkin', man don't let it end. And Hurry Up come on Spring time, So we can do it again!  RaY'coustic
Click for pics!

Music & Lyrics by RaY'coustic.

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